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Geraldine R.

I lived in this place with a cheap, kit bathtub/shower combo for almost five years that didn't even have a slope or rim on the back and was so uncomfortable I couldn't even stay in it. I got several estimates a couple of years ago and they were so expensive and the time line was weeks at best, that I gave up on it, including BathPlanet because the rep at the time said there was no way for me to try out a tub and I didn't want to end up with something else that was not usable. This time, the rep was Mitchell Gearhart, and he gave me the option to go up to Denver and "test drive" a tub, which sealed the deal. In December, Carlos the plumber came out with the kit and indeed, got it done in 12 very long hours and it was a fascinating procedure to watch. He was extremely patient and competent and came back in a week to check for leaks, etc. and I had my first soak and read the second day. It is beautiful, deep and comfortable and the fixtures are lovely. The BP staff was great to work with and did everything in a timely manner. I would never have survived a long process of having people working here and this was the perfect solution. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

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