Nothing beats a nice, warm shower or a relaxing hot bath on a cold winter night, when freezing temperatures outside make staying in a comfortable and cozy bathroom a delightful prospect. In fact, it’s homeowners in the Denver and Nebraska area would also agree that a relaxing soak in a tub or a long, hot shower during the winter can effectively ease winter blues and give you time to de-stress. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom with a much-needed upgrade, getting it done before the winter season is in full swing is always a great idea. Along the same lines, bathroom repairs and maintenance should always be completed before the winter hits. One of the worst home services emergencies that can happen over the winter season is an unusable bathroom, which is why keeping it well-maintained is important for homeowners. Proper upkeep will ensure the quality and performance of your bath products throughout the year—and especially over the harsh winter season in the Midwest. 

If you’ve ever wondered what you should do to enjoy your bathroom more over the winter season, keep reading as our expert team of contractors from Bath Planet of Denver share our best winter bathroom renovation and maintenance tips to consider before the cold weather sets in.

1. Heated Floors

Before you take on a bathroom remodel project, you must first consider the comfort that the upgrade or improvement will bring. One good example is radiant-heated flooring systems that can keep your feet warm as you step out of the shower area or into the bathroom on cold mornings. While underfloor heating systems can be costly, installing one may be worth it for the convenience and comfort it brings.

2. Increase Your Water Pressure

Aside from the comfort that hot showers can bring, they can also have many health benefits such as improvement in the blood circulation. A weak shower, however, can make it difficult or impossible to enjoy these added benefits, which can be frustrating in any season and especially in the winter months. Sometimes the problem of low water pressure is because of sediment and mineral deposits blocking the water flow through the shower head. Cleaning out your shower head can make a big difference in the water pressure in your shower. Another issue that could be causing low water pressure is an old or outdated shower head, which can be resolved by upgrading with a brand-new one.

3. Pipes and Windows

Before the winter comes, make sure that you check your bathroom window glass and frames for cracks that need repair and worn out silicone or caulking that needs resealing. Another important part of your bathroom renovation project is maintaining your pipes. Keeping an eye out for signs that the pipes have frozen over, or identifying leaky or cracked pipes can help you to avoid major disasters down the line. 

4. Upgrade or Install a New Bathtub

If you’ve always wanted a bathtub in your home, or your current one is old, deteriorating, or otherwise unsatisfying, installing or upgrading with a new one is one of the best renovations you can consider before the winter season. Consider installing a brand-new whirlpool system tub to enjoy a truly relaxing spa experience right inside your home, or a walk-in tub for easier and safer access for those that need it.

5. Warm vs. Cold Lights

Installing warm lights in your bathroom instead of cold lights can make a huge difference in the feel of your bathroom, especially in the colder months. Warm, white lights are more comforting than colder incandescent ones, which can create an ambiance of warmth and heat that can feel much more relaxing in the winter. When you get home at the end of the day, scented candles and warm lighting in the bathroom can help you de-stress, reinvigorate, and relax, which is always a welcome idea when it’s freezing outside.

6. Create Warmth With More Color

A pure white bathroom can remind you of the harsh winter weather outside, regardless of whether it is indeed cold or not. If you want to make your bathroom appear warmer than it actually is, add some warm, earth-tone color accents here and there—perhaps with a beautiful wall surround installation, tile replacement, or by simply painting the walls.

It is highly recommended to start on your bathroom remodel project before the winter weather becomes too cold, for a smoother and more convenient renovation. If you are living in the Denver or Nebraska area and you are looking for bathroom renovation specialists to prepare your space for the chilly winter season, contact Bath Planet of Denver today or fill out this online form for more information and for a free estimate.